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When we started our company 2 years ago,
We wanted to build the most productive television than any other top brand in the industry today which have spread the roots since the past few decades in India. We wanted to start a revolution in the Television sector and we succeeded in it when Ridaex launched the first TV, The RE Series.

We had a humungous response from most of our customers. We just felt we are the next rulers of the Indian Budget Television Industry and then comes another Chinese Giant which broke the Television industry record with it’s cheapest custom Android Operating System which gave us a 5X tougher competition to be successful and after 3 months of day and night hard work we launched the first upgradable Android television ever and that’s our Ridaex Nuke series.


India is a melting pot of ethnicities, educated and semi-educated consumers. For the people who are unable to afford Android Smart TVs and for the people who are looking for Standard TVs, we launched our Desi series, which became a moderate success and here we are rolling into 2019.

What Makes Ridaex UNIQUE?

In just one sentence, ” Ridaex is a Multi-Dimensional Concept Project“. Our Primary Goals are to build an Upgradable, Future-Proof and an Open Source Android TV which puts us into a different vertical called “Super Smart Televisions”.

Upgradable Android Hardware
Think about a TV that’s new today and still new on the same day in 2020, sounds imaginary right but we have made it a reality, you can upgrade your android hardware every year when the new version is launched it.

Situation 1: You have purchased a Ridaex Nuke Version 2 in 2018 which has 2GB RAM & 16 GB ROM and in 2019 we launch Nuke version 4 with 4GB of RAM & 32 GB ROM then you don’t have to buy a new TV all again. Instead, all you have to do is upgrade the Android hardware at a minimal cost.


Situation 2: Android is constantly changing every single day. You buy a Non-Ridaex TV, one day in a long run your Android system fails so the overall access to your TV will be blocked so what is the way you could still use your Tv as a Standard Tv.
Our solution is we build Android Televisions with Split-Board Architecture where even if your Android fails you just need to unplug a cable from the back of your TV and your Tv turns into a Standard Tv which can usually run with Set Top box connections.



Ridaex TVs uses its own image upscaling engine called ImageMagik V2 which is a combination of hardware and software operations. ImageMagik upscales all SD (Standard Definition) content to HD(High Definition) quality and it can upscale a normal image quality by a minimum of 30% and has built-in features such as Digital Noise Reduction, Auto Colour Sensy for DTH connections. Vice Versa if you are playing any content from the internet and if that is using more internet data you can always switch to the Downscale mode which is from HD to SD.

Ridaex tv vu tv
Play Store Access and Open Source

Not many Android Televisions provide Play Store and Open Source environment. Let’s talk about the benefits

1. You can download secure applications from the Google Play Store which are compatible with the display and hardware configuration.

2. Applications which are not supported by the Google Play Store but still compatible with Android TV can be installed here.

3. Since the feature is Android TV and the Android 7.1 OS is one of the latest version and if you are a Developer you have developer mode to build your custom applications and experiment.

4. From the system security point of view, not all Android TVs will let you install Anti-Viruses and we have that facility for you. And this is the point that proves “we are working for the future”.


Content Discovery Engine

We in Ridaex have our own Content Discovery Engine which is called Ridaex Leanback. Ridaex Leanback is directly connected to the TV firmware to gather Data about you. Yes, you heard it right! that we gather Data about you which are related to your interest only. For example, if you like a particular Song or a Movie we remember that and try to show it on your TV screen so that you could enjoy your best likes. By the way, the interesting gathering happens only in an individual system and we do not export your interests to our servers, Pinky Promise!



We are proud to say that our brand is Majorly partially MADE IN INDIA, components such as ICs, Semi Conductors, Processors, Ports, Diodes, EMMC are being supplied by our vendors such as AMLOGIC, SAMSUNG, Hisense…..etc.